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Lifetime offer for the Groove Digital Platform ends in February 2022

A Note From Becca

I’m excited to share this with you, because I know the struggles of getting your work online & the frustration that comes with the tech aspect— particularly if you don’t want to hand it over completely to someone else.

Particularly if you don’t want to hand it over completely to someone else. Perhaps because you have the time and vision, yet it feels daunting to get set up on your own.

Perhaps you have budget constraints and DIY really is the way to get your online platform started so that you can build a profit, and then create a team to handle things for you.

Or, you know what you want to grow into, so the thought of having to redo it all at some point, or setting it up wrong, or all the individual costs for the various services needed to complete your web presence is overwhelming. It’s also possible that you’re already set up on something, but you are ready to grow, and connecting the various pieces and paying for them all is more than you want to or can take on… until you’ve grown your business or practice.

All of this has impacted me, too.

First, I was on Wordpress, but I had someone taking care of it for me. When I took it over, I realized that it didn’t make sense for me to spend my time learning what I would have needed to, and then spending an inordinate amount of time dealing with the website, rather than doing the work and developing my actual offerings. 

So, I moved to Squarespace and spent the time learning to create my web platform there. Yet it felt kind of hollow and empty. They’ve been growing and expanding, yet I felt really on my own with it. And I definitely didn’t have the funds to hire someone, with my former work on indefinite pause due to Covid.

And then I met Cheryl. She introduced me to Groove and that it was all-in-one… a platform with all the different components one would need— in one place. AND, there was a free option to start… a model the company adopted at the start of Covid… recognizing that a lot of people were looking to begin something new, yet didn’t have the profits to pay a premium price.

So, I switched to Groove. And I am so excited! I know everything is already in there for me to add as I’m ready…

The pages, the offer funnels, videos, mail, membership, online store and Print-On-Demand, scheduling, help desk… seriously. There’s still a little learning curve, but there are a lot of people working on this platform, learning it as it’s been developed.

And I’ve had Cheryl working with me. Guiding me, there for questions, and guidance. Plus, an expected benefit— Groove has an active community and developer team, so you can engage in Facebook or via youtube, or their own tutorials.

Between Cheryl and the engaged Groove folks, I don’t feel I’m on my own anymore, endlessly searching through Help Articles that don’t quite solve my issue.

We connected in an intuitive, spiritually-based group. I just knew I needed to introduce myself and connect with her. We’ve been supporting each other over the last year personally, spiritually, and with our business development. Cheryl has been guiding me through setting up my web presence on Groove, as she’s been putting together her own membership and course offerings to support others who are here to bring their gifts to the world, who would benefit from the Groove platform… yet aren’t just about the money, or creating a business simply for the sake of creating a business, and could use support in relating to the tech aspect in creating their online platform. Heart-centered folk like you.

Cheryl has been an internet marketing coach for years, and is fully aware of the more traditional tactics. And her approach aligns with a heart-centered approach to inviting people to your work, along with the understanding of the tech, integration, and various pieces involved. She also has known the founder of Groove for years, and jumped on board early on, when Mike intuitively and spontaneously introduced the LifeTime offer for Groove when it was no more than a store app and an idea.

Get to Know Groove— For Free!

Groove has been in testing and development for the last few years, and is about to be formally launched. What that means, is that the current Lifetime payment option, will only be available for a little bit longer. It was originally slated to go to monthly subscription with tiered pricing this month, but because they decided to hold off until after the holiday season.

The free tier is available now and will continue to be… so it’s worth checking out. That really could be all you ever need. And, the Lifetime one-payment for access to everything Groove has to offer, will now be available until sometime in February!...

I love this, because it gives anyone who may be interested more time to explore and learn, without the pressure of that lifetime pricing going away in just a couple of days. And yet, that’s what motivated us to throw this together! We both feel strongly about getting the word out there to others who are committed to living an authentic life, and sharing their unique gifts and work in the world.

PLUS, Cheryl is offering her Groove Unlocked course ($497 Value) FOR FREE to any of you who decided to sign up with Groove for the free option OR for the paid lifetime option.

So you will have access to her video guidance on every step of getting your Groove website set up. She no longer does one-on-one coaching, but because of wanting to support folks like us, showing up in the world more fully, she is creating offerings for individual done WITH you sessions, or possibly small group sessions as you’re getting set up. My site is still in progress… I’ll be adding my store, a membership portal for my courses and clients, plus videos to my offers pages and site. When Groovemail is fully online, I”ll be switching over from Mailchimp, which will be excellent due to the restrictions they have in place regarding audiences and set up. The more I’ve learned about the different aspects of Groove, the more I realize that they really know their stuff, fully aware of the limitations and frustrations within other apps, so they have been developing and designing to eliminate those issues.

Can you tell? I’m definitely a fan. And SO EXCITED to share my work with the world, setting it up so I can grow into the vision I have for my art, intuitive work, and building community. You can check it out here: http://innerfirevisioning.com .  

And, guess what! You can have Cheryl as your guide, too—

Taking the tech and the more sales-y stuff that is still the norm, and transforming it into an accessible, aligned way of inviting people to your work, your services, and the products you have to share.

If you have any questions about Groove, please email Cheryl: [email protected]

We may also set up a Q & A zoom, for anyone who is interested in learning more or ready to get started with Groove. Let us know if you’d be interested in that sometime over the next few weeks, and offer possible dates!

A Note From Cheryl

I am so excited that Becca has given me the opportunity to share this platform with you.

I love Groove so much! I can see the limitless potential for growing our businesses with ease. Once you understand its full potential I'm sure you will come to love and appreciate it as much as I do.

The co-founders of Groove never intended to make the platform available for free - that evolved because of covid and their desire to help others in a way that would have the biggest impact. 

If you are a local business like my niece Ashley (Stony Brook Studios) the limits they place on free members is enough for your business to grow and thrive. But...

If it's your vision to have a larger impact on our world. I encourage you to take the lifetime offer before it goes away. You can always upgrade from Free to Pro even after they are out of Beta, but why pay $297/month when you don't have to? Personally I rather donate that sum to causes I believe in.

Every tool you need to build an impactful business is already integrated into the system.

The only limit is the one you impose on yourself.  I know this to be true from personal experience. In the past I always used one of two excuses to enter the world in a big way.

"There's no way I can afford Live Streaming, Webinar software, a Membership platform, a sophisticated auto responder, a help desk"... etc, etc. Or,

"It's too difficult to integrate all the technical stuff (and I consider myself a techie!)

The result of my excuses? I became a 'serial' entrepreneur. Delving into one aspect of internet marketing at a time, growing my business, getting frustrated and moving onto the next. No regrets though! I never would have acquired the knowledge I can now share with others.

Anyway, my point is EVERYTHING you need to grow is already built into the platform or on the schedule to be developed and released throughout 2022.  

a fun fact... GrooveDigital applies a technique that Mike originated and developed more than 20 years ago called Butterfly Marketing. In short this means that every member of Groove is automatically made an affiliate of the platform and a unique link is generated for you. If you decide to share the platform using that link you will get credit for that relationship to the platform.

and the really great part... Even though setting up Butterfly Marketing is a very technical process, that too is built into the system for you. Translation: It's very easy for YOU to develop your own partnerships, setting up affiliate tracking and payments to anyone you decide to partner with for your own products and services. It's a win win situation for everyone.

And on a final note, just to be completely transparent...

If you decide to get the lifetime offer from Groove, Becca and I will get a commission.

This will not increase your cost and I never recommend anything that I do not use myself.

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